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Changing the world with your electricity.

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Denovo Electra believes the energy industry is going through a major shift and we plan to be at the forefront of that change.

The universally held view of energy is that you are given a rate, you receive a bill based on your usage and you make the payment when that bill is due.


What if you could make your energy work for you?


We are renewable energy consultants and behind the meter energy project developers, who are committed to utilising sustainable energy solutions to create new revenue streams and savings on your energy costs.

By tapping into these new energy technologies, we can not only deliver outcomes that benefit our clients and projects but also our environment.

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From our extensive industry experience, we have seen first hand how the status quo of the energy industry has impacted the environment and our client's bottom line.


By collaborating and consulting with genuinely forward-thinking asset owners, commercial clients, industrial energy users, communities and facility managers, we quantify and unlock the captive commercial value from our client's assets.

Our clients are large energy users, with the capacity to off-set their energy usage by utilising sustainable energy solutions. This way, our clients receive the financial benefit of cost-saving and additional revenue streams while accessing clean and green energy.  


Battery Storage

Battery Storage



We monetize your assets.


Everything we do is to save our clients on energy costs and create new and recurring revenue from your loads, generation, storage, bills, power quality, operations, and regulations. We analyze a lot of data across a lot of disciplines.


Simply put, we deep dive to find the oysters.

Business Case Development


We undertake multiple scenario modelling to develop a business case that best suits your needs, such as:


  • solar only,

  • solar + battery to monetise energy/PPA's

  • solar + battery to monetise VPP streams

  • solar + battery as microgrid constructs to monetise demand response and VPP's streams

  • fuel cell and PV battery for "tri-generation" systems.

These are modelled as asset ownership, third party ownership and PPA structures.

Benchmarking Value


We benchmark the dollar value of what your energy could be and collaborate with the industries best to deliver these services.


This allows you to compare 'apples with apples' and not get overwhelmed with the multitude of variations in the market.

Benchmarking provides a cumulative view of value-added services and allows a simple cost-benefit analysis.

Subject matter expertise


We have delivered challenging projects across solar, advanced storage, distributed energy management software and microgrids both in Australia and overseas.

We deal with all variations that come with analysis, commercial quantifications, market services, policy and regulations, metering, asset registration, technology and delivery.

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Solar PV Systems

EV Charging

Battery Storage

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Micro Grids

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